Forex Trading

Forex trading requires self determination and skill to be able to achieve a better sustainable source of income. I believe when somebody says 90% of the traders fail in the forex. Is it TRUE?

Let's look at this way,

"90% fail in the examination when they are given one year subject syllabus to be finished within 1 month or 3 months"

Forex is a huge topic that cannot be done with 1 chapter and involves emotions and psychology.

First of all, do ask yourself, why do you trade in forex?
a) Because it is easy?
b) Because to try luck?
c) Because of circumstances?

Believe it or not, the only road is to be a professional trader, and there is no way in between.

Forex is a truly fear and greed games. For advance forex traders, they become accustomed in this matter, that they believe they could make up the profit with one trade or few trades.

For newbie, they are too straight forward to ask professionals "How much have you made?"

For professional, they will answer "How good are you that should I answer you and even to teach you?"

In forex, there is no "how much you could make" but "how smart are you to stay alive if you miss the exit and miss calculation positions (due to own mistake) and how good are you to maintain your emotions while making large and consistent profits"


Forex Levels

There are three levels in my opinion, that each of us need to go through.

a) The basic - unable to make money consistently.

b) The sustainable - making money consistently.

c) The advance - making a lot of money.



In terms of business, everyone has their own systems and ways of making money, so with Forex. However, one has forgotten that everyone is actually making the same mistake repeatedly. And we always hearing that, how would a business survive for the first 10 years which includes economy downturn? Even for the Financial Institution (BANKING INDUSTRY)?





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DISCLAIMER: Please exercise your own judgment in all financial or forex affairs. If you do not understand or only understand part of what is written, or believe to what it seems to be, please do seek professional advice.